MKB Engineering Consultants are specialized in Fire & Life Safety, assisting architects and engineers with the design, construction and maintenance of new buildings as well as the refurbishment and maintenance of existing buildings which involves many different professional specialties. Fire engineering is a key element within the design process because it inter-relates to all other architectural and engineering disciplines. The scope of fire & life safety consulting extends from the main architecture to the interior and landscape design, mechanical & electrical system design, structural as well as civil engineering design.

The review of building design by a fire engineer ensures compliance with regulatory codes and standards, but also provides a competent platform for assistance in resolving complex fire & life safety design issues.


By Collaborating with regional specialists our services cover a wide spectrum of engineering disciplines including:

  1. Architectural & engineering façade assessment 
  2. Architectural & Life Safety Systems design review 
  3. Active & Passive fire protection systems design review, 
  4. Existing Building safety audits 
  5. Progressive Building Completion Auditing (During Construction)
  6. Emergency response planning 
  7. Escape & Rescue plans 
  8. Evacuation mock drills 
  9. Fire warden & Evacuation training 
  10. Gap analysis 
  11. Risk Assessment Studies (Fires/Explosions/Construction Sites/Workplace Safety and more) 
  12. Risk Assessment Training
  13. Root Cause Analysis
  14. Hazops
  15. Modelling (Fire, Explosion, Evacuation, Environmental)
  16. Post Fire & Explosion Assessments (Investigative)

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MKB Engineering Consultants have more than 30 years’ experience, operating primarily across the Middle East and Asia. With a diverse cultural and political understanding, we have been honored to participate in some of the region’s most prestigious projects.

Our expertise extends across every conceivable type of project, Light & Heavy Industries, Commercial developments as well as Residential developments and Mixed-Use developments.

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